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Only 5 miles, 8 kilometers away from St Helier, jersey airport UK seems to be a well-organized and very practical for the passengers. Those getting their on their own convince do not have to travel much it’s a straight route till you reach one end of the island. Getting there on your own convince means that you have to get there early and fight for your spot at the airport parking.

The long term parking and short term parking both have an average space of 550 cars in total. With high security, your cars are safe and charged at pretty high rates too. Yes the parking is expensive, at 60p per hour for short term parking and 70p per hour for long term parking and getting space for parking is a fight itself. Other than that, if you are going on your convince to drop off someone or to pick up someone from the airport, then you must go to the drop off section where the cars move in a steady flow and one can easily pick some ne up or drop someone at the airport.

The continuously flow is slow but does not stop. Each car has to wait patiently for its turn ad no car is allowed to park in this section. Each car entering the airport premises must pay small amounts of dues; for maintenance of the airport. One may opt for the shuttle service or the taxis if not on their convenience. Taxi stand and bus stops are just near the terminal, as soon as you exit the terminal you can find boards guiding you towards them. They will take you to the mid of the island where you may easily find you hotel. Jersey airport UK has worked pretty hard on its reputes and no doubt it is considered one of the good airports.

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