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Jersey Airport Parking

The jersey airport being situated at the most amazing place in UK facilitates its passengers in many ways. When discussing parking facilities, this airport can cater up to 550 cars in its three different parking lots, which makes it a big airport. The main parking being outside the departure hall facilitates short time parking and even long time parking. If you are here at the airport to drop some one off or pick someone up and want to park your car, then this short car parking zone will do your best.

Other than that, if you wish to leave your car here at the airport while you are off to a different region then this airport also has a long term parking facility in the main parking area. Here there is tight security and every move of passengers is watched through security cameras and on duty guards. Being a welfare state, we see UK has worked a lot for its people and especially those in need. At this airport, there is a specific spot; well many specific spots spread all over for the disabled. Parking for the disabled can’t be taken advantage of. Moreover, wheelchair facility is available for those with disabilities again and you may either contact your airline beforehand or the airport authority once you reach the airport.

Furthermore, there is a drop off point or pick up point at the side of the terminal. Here the cars are in a continuous flow and you are not allowed to park your car but get the passenger or drop him there and leave without blocking the whole traffic. One may feel comfortable because the staff is extremely amiable, even though not big enough to be an international airport, but it is one of the best there are in UK.