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Jersey Tourist Attractions

Jersey is a beautiful place with one of the best international airports and a lot more to spectate. Being the largest of the Channel Islands and having the ground highest above sea level, this piece of mass is extraordinary. Since the tourism increased, much was done to change it into the shape it is today. The airport was reconstructed and made better to facilitate the passengers. Outside the terminal, we have a bus stop, from where a bus leaves every thirty minutes, the same way; a bus reaches the airport after every thirty minutes too. A taxi stand lies towards the other side of the terminal. Retail shops, flower shops and food courts are present here at the airport.

Outside, car hiring agencies are present, where you can book the car you want. Now that you have mobility, you move along the 12 states of this small island. There is the Durrell Wildlife conservative trust, in common language called the zoo of jersey, this is no doubt an excellent spot which one must visit to see endangered species. Then we have the jersey museum which is open all year round with exhibitions and special historical sections telling the tale of jersey’s past. Talking about past, the jersey war tunnels, which were built by the locals taken as captives? Under slavery these tunnels were built in World War 2 but were never used for the purpose they were originally made for. Same way, the Gorey castle, built in the 13th century is priceless for it holds the history of jersey in its stiff walls. Moreover, the maritime museum is a one of a kind; do to learn museum where not just kids but adults are encouraged to go through everything present in order to learn more.

Furthermore, the Corbiere lighthouse is a great attraction for tourists. Also, on the left coast of jersey is Martello tower, built for defense purposes. Another, kempt tower lies near the wildlife conservative park. It gives information of jersey and is open during summer season. The glass church is a beautiful piece of art which has delicate work done in it and outside it. It is one of the most delicate works done in churches around United Kingdom. Let me tell you now that the most exquisite bar here in jersey seems to be Bohemia whose steak sandwich are famous all around.

Other than that, with a fantastic view of Gorey castle is castle green, great food and entertainment. For a more sporty taste, there is the Lamplighter, big plasma TV, comfortable interior design, and an old yet great going pub of jersey. There are a lot more places to visit when it comes to food like the water splash which offers chilled beers and Rozel Bay Inn more towards tradition and family atmosphere. You can go surfing, swimming and get a natural tan, there at jersey; the temperature seems to be a bit higher than other UK states. The tide is the highest here, 40 feet to be exact. Get a bike near the beach and enjoy the sun. You can even get a ferry to France and have lunch there; it is just an hour away from St Helier. Here at jersey, even though English Bank currency is accepted, jersey has its own currency too. Coins, notes etc. Scottish fresh and other currencies are accepted here but jersey’s currency is only accepted in England. Hence, over all, jersey is a beautiful place, with the international airport at a corner of the 12 states, yet it connects with the most attractive and amusements spots all around jersey.