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Jersey Airport Buses

So want to get to Jersey airport by bus? If so, then it isn’t much of a problem. There is a route of buses going to and from the airport. A bus leaves after every 30 minutes from the airport and it stops at multiple bus stands throughout the island. Jersey being a small airport does not hold much parking facility. Only 550 cars can be catered in its long term and short term parking as a whole.

The parking rates being increased, people call the charges to be crazy. 60p per hour for short term and 70p per hour for long term parking is the rate there at the airport. Many say it can only be afforded by high class business men; for that reason people park their cars hoe and get a taxi or bus to get to the airport. A bus passing from St Helier, St Brelade, St Peter and finally St Aubin reaches the airport every 30 minutes. This makes it convenient for the passengers to get to the airport. On the other hand there are also buses than run with special facilities but seats can only be taken through pre booking.

At the spot tickets won’t be available. These buses have wife facility too so it makes convenient for the passengers if on business trips. A convenient route, departure and arrival of bus every half an hour and a lot more. Shuttle system there at the airport is worthy of praise and people are running it properly too. Jersey airport UK caters to a lot of travelers daily providing best there is. Wheel chair facility is there, a path especially for wheel chair is designed; other disabled travelers are further facilitating with a friendly staff member. As a whole, experience through jersey airport is quite remarkable.